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2018 Klamath River Fishing Report and Maps and local Hunting Clubs and Public Lands

2018 Klamath River Fishing Report and Map

Fishing Maps of Klamath River

how to fish Klamath river, hunting fishing maps and reports Oregon and California

About the Klamath River

The Klamath River crosses the border of California and southern Oregon and and has King salmon and  Steelhead runs  The future runs on this river is bound to improve as upstream dams are being dismantled.
The Salmon run begins September-ish,  and soon followed by the Steelheads. At first it is predominated by the “half pounder” that average around 16 inches, in October and they are quite numerous.

The adults show more and more as winter approaches and beyond into March. Drifting roe or wet flies from a boat is the most effective but there are many "pull in" spots along the road for the bank fisherman.

California and Oregon Private and Public Hunting and Fishing Information:

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Information on Hunting and Fishing Clubs and Ranches in California and Oregon:

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